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The E-magazine Spiltennis.nu, which DTF were inspired by Symbiotisk to try, is a success. That the e-magazine can be read and enjoyed anywhere, and that it adapts to all platforms imaginable, gives a great value and ensures that our message gets through. At the same time, DTF are viewed - thanks to the stylish layout and the digital magazine solution - as innovative amongst other federations and the active members of tennis clubs. This label does not make us unhappy. Michael Tannis Beck, Press Officer, Danish Tennis Federation
Mette held a lecture about ”newsletters that work” at our yearly conference on digital marketing in Holstebro. Mette delivered a fantastic top performance with lots of energy and relevant contents, leaving the participants very satisfied. Mette has a convincing confidence and a vast professional overview which gives the participants new inspiration and concrete ideas that they can take with them and implement. It can't be done any better. Randi Vestergaard, Communications Manager, it-forum
Symbiotisk really know their stuff when it comes to Wordpress. They're solution oriented and flexible, and know all the pitfalls in the process up to a deadline. Katrine Thielke, Director, Digital & Social, Advice A/S
I truly opened my eyes to the effects of email marketing after a course with Mette Hertzmann, in which I learnt much more than ’just’ creating good content and setting the mail up correctly. I also got tools to increase the opening rate, split-testing and many other exciting things. Mette was generous with tips and experiences from the expert's toolbox - and today email is the marketing activity that gives by far the most return on investment in my business. Lotte Andreasen, Altan-Inspiration.dk
Symbiotisk have been fantastic to work with on our websites. They are fast, good and happy and they have a really good ability to understand what our business is about, what we want to express with our sites and how it can be translated into some beautiful, professional websites. We plan to use them many times again and can warmly recommend them to other companies! Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer, Arbejdsglæde nu
Mette has from day one impressed us with her insight and competence within business communication, marketing and optimizing sales through newsletters. We have with more than seven years of experience a large and more technical insight into newsletters, and have therefore entered into a cooperation with Symbiotisk, since their abilities complement Ubivox's perfectly. Mette is, as a super user of Ubivox, combined with her background, an indispensable input into working optimally with newsletters. Lasse Johansen Partner & Business Developer, Ubivox
Symbiotisk have delivered a great piece of work in developing and launching the website for my company. Mette and Tore have been really good at translating my visions and wishes into a concrete website layout where my content has the best possible framework to flourish within. Thank you for a well-executed project. Flemming Silius Nielsen, Silius Buisness Consulting

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