Effective newsletters

Make your newsletter a potent sales and marketing tool

When you buy a newsletter from Symbiotisk you get:

  • A template that you can edit and write in on your own.
  • A platform where you are able to independently send out campaigns, offers etc – without the assistance of an external agency.
  • Knowlede of how you use the most efficient online sales and marketing tool.
  • Individualized advice which matches your specific challenges.

Development process

Our process for newsletters looks like this:

1. Needs analysis

How do we assist you in the best possible way?

TEDxCopenhagen Newsletter


You can check out the TEDxCopenhagen newsletter we made for them.

We begin with a meeting where we – together with you – find out what needs your company has and what challenges you’re facing.

2. Visual design

With and without brand identity

We develop a template that contains your corporate identity in synergy with your website, which you can maintain yourself and can be read in many different email clients. Even if you don’t have a strongly defined design guide.

3. Training

Become self-sufficient – it really pays off

My eyes were really opened up to the effect of email marketing after a course with Mette Hertzmann. I learned so much more than ‘just’ creating good content and setting the email up properly. I also got tools to raise the opening rate, split testing and loads of other exciting things. Mette was generous with sharing tips and experiences from the expert’s toolbox – and today email marketing is the marketing activity that gives the largest return on investment for our business, by a large margin.

Lotte Andreasen, Altan-Inspiration.dk

We train the person responsible for newsletters in how you create an efficient newsletter which includes: tips on content, writing methods, spam legislation, how you get the valuable sign-ups, and setting up the newsletter template.

4. Technology, technology, technology …

We love technology – and so will you

We make sure that the technical implementation of the email signup is properly integrated on your website. And furthermore we make sure that you can maintain it by yourself from here on.

5. Launch

We have lift off!

Mette has, from the first day, blown us away with regards to her insight and competency with corporate communication, marketing and optimization of sales through newsletters.

With over 7 years of experience we have a huge and more technical experience of developing newsletters and have decided that collaborating with Symbiotisk is a perfect situation for us, since their competences compliment Ubivox’ perfectly. As a super user of Ubivox Mette provides invaluable input for working flawlessly with newsletters.

Lasse Johansen Partner & Business Developer, Ubivox

We make sure that the final version of the newsletter gets out to your subscribers.


The prices to get you from nothing to self sufficient in the art of making newsletters typically starts at €1,300 ex. VAT.

However, it’s much easier for us to give you an exact quote if you get in touch so we can take into account your specific needs and challenges.

You’re also welcome to get in touch with us if you need a talk or a workshop in the art of creating efficient newsletters.