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New online identity gave new customers


Regnskabsskolen’s goal is to make book keeping and administration as simple as possible for small businesses. They needed a fresh new look and feel on their site that matched their brand. They wanted to leave their “boring” WordPress site for something more modern, with a menu that also worked on smart phones and that they themselves wanted to refer customers to.

Regnskabsskolen have a large internal WordPress know-how on the technical front, but wanted to use us to help give them a visual life, and to code the basic frames for their website and shop so that they could still handle the daily maintenance of it.

They also wanted to lift the graphical level of their newsletter and make it more readable in the inbox.

Last but not least, they needed advice on how their purchase flow should work in the shop, and how they could best collect all of their activities on one site instead of multiple micro sites and campaign sites.

Books from Regnskabsskolen It was the visual profile from their books that Regnskabsskolen wanted on their site and newsletter


In a workshop we clarified the many needs, after which we commissioned five drafts for a visual identity that would create the frames around their solution.

Regnskabsskolen chose the one that they felt suited them the best, and then we went to work, custom buildign their responsive website in WordPress and set up a new shop module for them so that they had a vastly improved purchase flow for their many different target groups.

There has also been a big focus on clear call to action buttons all over, so that visitors to the site are not in doubt about where they purchase something or get in contact to find out more information about a course.

Since they already used Ubivox for their newsletters, it was a simple matter to take their visual identiy from the site and transfer it.

New profile, new customers in the shop

The whole process has result in that Regnskabsskolen now get contacted by completely new customers who have found them online but still feel safe in buying their courses via the site.

The customer says:

After our visual identity was lifted, people who don’t know us still dare to take out their card and buy a course for 11,000 kr.

Jesper Laugesen – Director – Regnskabsskolen

  • Regnskabsskolen
  • Marts, 2013
  • Graphic design
  • Responsive website
  • Newsletter
  • Webshop
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