Responsive websites

When a website is responsive it adapts to the device you’re visiting the site with. That means, that we optimize all our solutions to all types of screens from laptops to tablets and mobile phones. And always with insight and empathy to the users’ actual needs.

We use WordPress for the solutions we build for our clients, but if you have other needs we are more than happy to help with advice and sparring so you get a solution that makes your company better online. WordPress is free to use, translated into a myriad of languages and very user friendly for your editors. In fact, we’re specialized in making WordPress even more user friendly for your team.

Development Process

When we build websites it’s typically using this process:

1. Initial meeting

Meet and greet

We meet up and get to know each other and have a look at the challenges your company is facing on the web front and more specifically get to know what you want your website to do for you.

This is where we figure out the basic framework for the site: what should it contain, what should it do, what your customers expect when they visit your site and a long list of other relevant questions.

You also get the opportunity to see who we are, ask questions and in generally find out if we can help you with your challenges.

2. Kick-off meeting with consulting and elaboration of needs

What expectations do your customers have of your site and of you?

We’ve built solutions for IO-Interactive and Cycling without Age and many others.

The better we get to know you and your customers, the better the result in the end.

That’s why we insist on holding a kick-off meeting where we go into details on your:

  1. Overall web strategy.
  2. Content and content strategy.
  3. Comprehensive technical requirements of the site.

3. Offer and development agreement

What’ll it cost and when does it launch?

We prepare a cost estimate to you based on our first meetings. When you accept we make sure to prepare a more detailed offer, a project schedule and a development agreement, which ensures, that you get the solution we’ve come-up with during our meetings.

4. Visual design components

Beautiful, noisy, subtle, modern?

We come up with one – or more – directions for the visual design of the site. Alternatively we hook you up with a digital designer with whom you develop a visual design. Otherwise we’re more than happy to provide you with an offer based on a finalized graphic design you provide us with.

5. Site development

Code, code, test, code

Symbiotisk have hold of the long end of the stick when it comes to WordPress. They’re focused on getting a solution, flexible and know all the pitfalls in a process up to a deadline.

Katrine Thielke, Director, Digital & Social, Advice A/S

We develop the basic framework for the site in WordPress on a test-server, all based on requirements and needs from our initial meetings and the visual design you’ve chosen.

6. Test

Testing 1-2-3

Vi run through the site in a myriad of browsers and screen sizes. We make sure the site meets the requirements from the needs analysis – and correct

Vi går sitet i gennem i forskellige browsere og skærmstørrelser. Vi ser i fælleskab på om websitet opfylder de krav, vi nåede frem til i behovsanalysen – og any errors that pop up.

7. Training

What does this button do?

Se mere på

We helped one of Denmark’s largest education institutions with visual design for and their microsite

We teach your web editors how to work with the site. Based on your frequency of updates we can also, depending on your needs assist you with your over all web strategy, integration with other services such as newsletter systems, help you with call-to-actions and more.

Training typically consists of a half-day workshop.

8. Launch

We have lift off!

We make sure the site goes live on your domain and say “Congratulations!”

9. Maintenance and updates

Viability and security

All modern websites require ongoing updates and maintenance. And it’s a very good idea to make sure you’re on board with a solid back-up routine.

We’re more than happy to help you with ongoing maintenance, daily backups, bug fixes etc.



Our website solutions begin at €3,300 ex VAT. 

We always prepare individual cost estimates and offers based on our initial meetings and your requirements and needs.

Sounds interesting? Feel free to get in touch, and hear more about how we can make you better online.