Talks & Consultancy

We provide sparring and consultancy through workshops and working meetings or we head out to hold seminars and give talks.



Mette Hertzmann gives a talk about how you get the best results out the most cost-efficient marketing platform on the web.

A talk with Mette Hertzmann is a sure bet – every time. She delivers the tools to create maximum value with email marketing with great professionalism and a high entertainment value. There are very few trainers who can explain both technical and legal aspects in such a comprehensible way.

Lotte Andreasen, Ambassador WiB Roskilde

Become better online

We give a solid rundown on the challenges you face in your market on the web front and have a closer look at trends and tendencies which can help you towards a stronger online position.


If you’ve lost your way in the online jungle we can help you with an inspirational talk where we look closer at how you can get ahead with your organisation, so that you’re better equipped to act both creatively and cost-efficiently.


€ 2,050 ex. VAT for a talk lasting 1-2 hours.

Unless you’re based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we’ll negotiate a cost for transportation and accommodation.


If you’re unsure of how to proceed with an issue regarding your online identity or if you lack sparring on your newsletter initiatives, we deliver sharp, critical consultancy where we assist you with your challenges.


Our consultancy  programs start at  € 1,350 ex. VAT per project.